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ScoutLander Frequently Asked Questions

What is ScoutLander?

ScoutLander is a free scout website and unit management system for scout units to organize events, simplify communication, create memories through photo albums, capture and retain lessons learned, and recruit new scouts.
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How long has ScoutLander been around?

ScoutLander was first deployed in 2006 and used exclusively by Centerville, Ohio packs and troops. Recently on 2/20/2008, ScoutLander became free and available to the general public.

Who is it for?

ScoutLander is for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Venture Scouts. Users include leaders, parents, and scouts.

Can my parents view our private website without a login?

No, for the safety and privacy of our scouts and parents, only authorized users can view items within your Private Site which include: events, photos, and member information.

Your Public Site, which includes your unit's home page, does not require a login and is visible to all Internet users.

Why do we subscribe after 30 days?

After your 30 day trial, we ask that you subscribe so your unit number is reserved. Expired trials may be deleted from the system.

Is there a cost to subscribe?

It is only voluntary. Regarding fees, there is none set by ScoutLander. We would like your unit to decide based on what this service is worth to you and how much you can afford from your budget to support us. That is why we are using honor system and we will never question your unit's decision. We are just asking for your support to serve you better. ScoutLander will continue to be free.

What is a "Voluntary" Membership?

“Voluntary” Paid Membership is a way for you to support us in providing ScoutLander community with enhancements and new features. This means, your unit could support the Scoutlander by becoming a Paid Member. It is up to your unit to decide on the membership fee based on your unit size, your usage, what it is worth to you and most importantly, your affordability.

Can I add my own custom pages?

Yes, you can add pages to your Public and Private site areas. You can use the text editor or HTML.
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What are my access security options?

ScoutLander makes it easy to set the permissions for your users. To view a diagram of the security levels available to your users Click Here.

Who is responsible for updating our website within my pack, troop, or crew?

A little history…

Overall scout websites have only a 26% survival rate per year. Most of these websites are maintained by a single Web Master (administrator). The Web Master driven website causes a bottle neck effect when it comes to updating content and events. Then when that Web Master moves on to other things the site eventually dies because nobody is there to take their position.

ScoutLander was designed to fix this problem by getting everyone involved in the beginning. We have found that the best people to maintain website integrity are not the people who organize the events but the people who rely on the information. The content is the responsibility of the leaders in Cub Scouts and in Boy Scouts it is the boys themselves who take over website maintenance.

Depending on the size of your pack you may also want to give your parents the ability to update content because they will become the future leaders and if they are familiar with the website this transition becomes easier.

Why is my site not listed in the directory?

  • Trial Mode - You are still in your 30 day trial mode.
  • Pending Approval - You have subscribed but it is pending. Wait 24 hrs till your account is authorized.

Security and Privacy?

Every user in your unit will be provided a unique username and password to access secure site resources. Only authenticated users for your unit will have access to secured resources such as: names and contact information, event information, photos, and knowledgebase articles.